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Borrowing, borrowing and borrowing. The debt on our country must be big enough for us to pay till great-great-great-grandchildren die.
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Ohh Uganda ,it is easy to borrow such huge amounts but the question is when does uganda pay on it's debts because every time we here the government borrowing but we've never heard it paying.
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I think Uganda has the resources and capacity to raise their own reserve funds to fill in the gap wherever needed. The biggest problem though is still with the unending embesslement. All such money gets squandered without a trace.
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Lets pray to God yo help those in charge of the country accountability to use the funds effectively not on their benefits but for country atlarge.
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I support the arrangements and I didn't mind even if it was bigger than the 15million. But I hope accounts for this venture will be clear. Because payment is from the taxes collection from citizens
added by LENNON KAMBUGU 45 days ago 5    0

For the Ugandan government to borrow money for a good cause is good. The pandemic has devastated lots of economies all over the world. What matters is to make sure that the purpose for which the money was borrowed, is met.
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Uganda is borrowing 15milliin US Dollars

The said amount is intended to help refreshing the people and projects that have been badly affected by the pandemic.
I believe that everyone, including you have been left in a sorry state after the long stay of Corona. So I'm wondering if the government has a perfect criteria to use in determining who will receive this aid.

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