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Alongside the initiative, schools should try to work on the feeding if our children. A child needs to feed well if he or she is to be able to learn well.the councling and guidance will do well if the stomach is fed as well.
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This initiative is going to reduce much on the violence against the children in schools. If cases of bullying ,abusing pinching, lifting stones, standing on top of benches are all stopped. It will be a peaceful learning environment.
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I do not know where this concept is taking place but I pray it is somewhere in Africa. I think the era of corporal punishment is over. Although, it achieved its objectives then, the new approach should be encouraged because times have changed. Therefore, teaching and learning should equally change
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Introduction of the "good school" concept is yielding results

This arrangement is intended to create a peaceful mind for the students so as to study comfortably at school.
It involves using love to get closer to the students and get to know their concerns and pains, and do away with the old habit of corporal punishment.
Students are taken throuy councling to reform them,instead of using a ruthless cain.

In the "good school" initiative too children get to like involving in school activities willingly unlike the old times where they used to see them as punishment. Eg swipping, cleaning toilets, slashing the compound grass.
With this initiative,I believe students will score better grades than before since they are more at peace, studying without any fears.

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It is not good to get results with out any out side activities you can perform because we were told to Prepare a child not Prepare for achild, results can not push the child when he can do anything at his own.
It is good to sharpen the brain with education and also co-curlicular activities.

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