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Cashing out is important especially in Africa where we believe after seeing. I understand that many people made booking on exchanger since February,I wonder what is happening up to now. No good news yet or what.
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How ever much we introduce YEM to other members but with out cashing out, it will never gain value, like it or not that's the fact (people are selling 10,000 YEM at $100 simply because it cash out)
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Actually we members we have tried our best to let people know more about yem some had picked interest others are abusing us but we will never give up.
Lets keep the spirit ti sensitize them showing how it works, the busness included in the system as the value increases.
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The more Yem holders tell people about the currency, the more it will be known. The more Yem is used in doing business, the more people will begin to accept it. The earlier Yem holders begin to practicalize the above and our Yem starts to gain in value, the merrier we shall be.
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Practice the Safezone-Unicorn phrase; "POWER OF WE"

As the lucky unicorn members, let's create demand for the YEM so as to help it's value to increase.
Continue sensitizing the people around you, open PERNUM for them,help them to understand and love the YEM. Accept 100% YEM from your clients & help your downlines to sell at 100% YEM too.
We can only make it when we are a big team,a selfless team,a determined team,a sharing team and patiently we will get there.

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