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There's more need for sensitizing the people especially in the villages about the danger of COVID-19. Some of them don't understand the gravity in it nor the importance of prevention through observing the SOPs.
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I wonder what is going to happen to the children returning to schools. Because they are not vaccinated yet and it might be very disastrous for them in the long run.
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It is true,
We should always remain vigilant and following the SOPs, lets try our best to balance our diet, avoid public gatherings even thou the vaccine has come we have to be careful to save our lives.
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That you have taken the covid-19 vaccine does not mean that you have to start living carelessly. You still have to observe the safety rules: Maintain good hygiene by keeping your surroundings clean and tidy, wear your safety mask, practice social distancing and sanitize your hands. Still observe all the safety rules and do not throw caution to the wind.
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Having the vaccine does not mean covid-19 has ended

It's a humble reminder to my fellow country men that even after we have been vaccinated,we still have to continue observing the SOPs and protective measures as guided by the ministry of health.
Wear your clean mask
Sanitizer very often if you can afford it wash hands with soap and water
Keep social distancing
Excercise your body
Eat foods that help boost your immunity

Above all and most importantly,fear God. He still has control over the entire universe,over you, and over the viruses.

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