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YOU are right, whether we are right or wrong,we have no right to hold a grudge. It's always not healthy for our mind too. We need to just take it easy regardless of the situation.
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In our Lord's prayer He says;"FORGIVE US OUR SINS,AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO SIN AGAINST US" Meaning that if God removes His switch from you,all those cases you have not forgotten will stop you from entering heaven.
It's like an accounts ledger. You valence off both sides debit & credit, equally
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Indeed i should never try to prove the point because we are all human with defferent thinking capacity and understanding where by you May want to attack yet its not the solution just call God to come and settle the issues. Never to fight worldly battle live them to God how ever much they are bigger he can manage them.
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I have learned one thing in life and that is to always remain humble

And respect everyones position cause it doesn't make sense to me to force someone to believe what I believe

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The Bible says that we should not judge others so that we, too, shall not be judged. This command does not mean that law courts should be closed down. No. I think it means that we should not condemn one another over pardonable offences rather, we should forgive and move on.
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Never try to prove a point. Remember that you are only a human.

Forgive me dear for saying that there's never a reason for us to quarrel or fight each other.
Because if you are wrong, there's really no reason for you to attack the offended. It's expected if you to apologize and move on.

And when you are right,it's more reason for you not to fight the offenders,let it pass forgive,move on,& leave it for God.

We are only humans, we have no right to judge or condemn. The battle is always for God to handle. Remember anytime He can remove His fuse.

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