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It's either God or satan,but both cannot be served together. God is not a man to be fooled. God is more than powerful to stand alone no other power He needs to do His great works. He is Almighty
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Here it depends on the one who is practicing spiritualism because people or prophet possess defferent kinds of spirits mostly demonic spirits and they confuse people. Therefore we must vigilant on these prophet some are serving the living God others serving the devil.
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There are two known spirits, The Holy Spirit and the demonic spirit. The Holy Spirit is God's active force given to believers while the demon spirit is of Satan, the devil. Man is a spiritual being. Spiritualism is not a sin. It depends on which spirit one embraced.
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Are Spiritualism practices are influenced by Demonic powers?

School Scripture teacher said that using these kinds of spiritualism practices comes under the influence of Demons which comes from the Devil plus Bible mentions along these lines in Samuel for those seek false prophets make themselves enemies of God so are Spiritualism practices are influenced by Demonic powers?

How do you vote?

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Just like any field of life....
We have "conmen" everywhere.
We can not be conclusive and biased on that. Some are genuinely innocent or false
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I believe with no doubt that there is no demon or satan that can share the same seat with any heavenly being. One can't operate a shrine using Powers from God. All evil beings have to depart just at the mention of the name of Jesus Christ,the name above all names,to whom all authority is given.
But without clothing yourself with the power in the name of Jesus Christ,then the demons will rip you apart. See bible in Acts 19:16
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