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The 2020 pandemic as some call it,is a thing we will talk about for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time. Because it has greatly changed many things in the entire universe
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Entre el covid-19 y la mala gestion de los políticos,la economia va en picao,en España muchas pequeñas empresas han tenido que cerrar y aun no salimos de la crisis,hasta donde va a llegar?aun asi ,hay que ser positivo y tener fe
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For sure what we have to do is to pray from God, and to be wise enough to see where the resetio is talking us to be left behind, what i believe everything happen for a reason lets embrace the techinology in that we change our lives.
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It was said that the covid-19 started in China from where it spread to other countries of the world. Of course, in a world where many people are sick and incarcerated, many are dead and some are about to die and the living are out of work, economic recession is imminent. May God heal the world!
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COVID-19 pandemic plunges global economy into worst recession since World War II

The coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, located in the province of Hubei (central China). The current spread indicates that America as a whole represents, in this month of February 2021, the main focus of the pandemic (45% of cases), followed by Europe (34%), South Asia. Is having been relegated to third position (12% of cases). Taken individually, the United States, followed by India and Brazil have the highest number of people infected. In Europe, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland are the most affected countries. On February 16, 2021, the official report from the World Health Organization reported 2,403,641 people dead and 108,822,960 people infected. The spread of the virus continues to intensify outside of China: 108,721,399 people have been infected in 195 countries, mainly in the United States (27,309,503), India (10,925,710), Brazil (9,834. 513), in Russia (4,099,323). In Western Europe, the pandemic particularly affected the United Kingdom (4,047,847), France (3,410,715), Spain (3,086,286), Italy (2,729,223) and Germany (2,342 .843) where 9,765, 4,099, 1,876, 7,344, and 3,856 new cases were recorded respectively in 24 hours. 2,398,803 people died from the virus outside of China (or 5,892 more in 24 hours).
While the number of new cases identified in China has decreased considerably, reports established since February 26, 2020 highlight that the number of new cases per day observed in the rest of the world now exceeds that of China. As of February 16, 2021, there were respectively 192,241 new cases for the rest of the world and 25 cases for China. In Western Europe, as already mentioned, the United Kingdom, Italy (facing an elderly population) and France are particularly affected with respectively 117,396, 93,835 and 81,801 people dying from the consequences of the virus on February 16. However, Belgium stands out with a much higher number of deaths per million inhabitants (1,873 de

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