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I wish I were a student of Geology, I would have learnt a lot from this submission. It shows they the author has good knowledge of Geology and he is able to pass it on to another person. Reading through it, I felt like I was listening to a lecture on Geology.
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I'm not a fan of geography. Oh my God!! I love all the beautiful work of creation done by our heavenly Father,but the subject geographie oh no no no.
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Infact veographical and natural features are very important to human because we acquire minerals, waters for our own consumption and minerals also for financial benefits.
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Geology and the natural and human environment

The geological arrangement of the subsoil and the distribution of mineral resources (iron ore, construction materials, etc.) and renewable resources (underground water) have conditioned the development of the country and still favor it today. Sustainable development takes into account the local and regional availability of these resources, but their use often leads to situations of conflict with other human activities. The Grès de Luxembourg, a rock characteristic of the country, provides an example of the complex relationships between the geological substratum and the natural and human environment.
A natural landscape ...
The Sandstone of Luxembourg, formed by an alternation of sandstone and calcareous sandstone, has a thickness of up to 100 meters and forms a major morphological feature of our country. It constitutes our typical reliefs as in the Mullerthal with strongly notched valleys, steep cliffs and steep wooded slopes bordering plateaus often used for agriculture. A microclimate and typical vegetation characterize the substrate. The cliffs and embankments created by man along its road and railway infrastructures or in quarry operations are integrated into these landscapes, just like the natural notches, they constitute valuable ecological niches often identical to those in the environment. natural.
An important aquifer ...
The sandstone and largely cracked rock is very permeable to water, it forms an important water reserve. The soft, sandy cover of the aquifer constitutes an effective natural filter which protects it. The thickness of the sandstone and its outcrop area of ​​more than 300 km2 make it an aquifer of national interest supplying a large part of the population with drinking water. Water transfer times of several months ensure a constant supply and sustained supply of groundwater to streams.

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