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Mum and dad are the gods that their children recognize before they are introduced to Jehovah, the God of the universe. Therefore, it is important for parents to nurture and teach their children to be good members of the society and the world. Parents are great teachers; they are the best.
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We are great full to have our parents because Our parents r the representative for God long leav mom and Dad
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Yes because there in life no one knows you better than your parents apart from GOD... So it's the very reason why I do adhere with point too
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The support and love from both parents to the children is very important for their growth. They always feel very secure with both parents in their lives.
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Indeed they're the best teachers on this planet because if a parent fail to quide you well and you become a problem they are the one to blame and also when you're successful the're the one to celebrate therefore, for better or worse mum and dad they're the best.
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Parents play the biggest part in children's feature and charity begins at home from mum and daddy
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For better or worse. mom and dad are a child's best teachers

from the simple act of speaking, to developing as adults. we are always guided by the example of our parents. Who do we turn to when we are afraid or when we have a important decision? At least I go to my parents. Because of them I want to be a better person, because of them I have reached my goals. And I think this idea is to see them as examples. It is what makes me want to be a better example for future generations.

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