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For the ladies you need to open your eyes wide when looking for a job. Otherwise you might end up in tears as there are many ridiculous beings ready to disrespect others in the name of offering jobs.
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Yes you must be vigilant because your mind set in still in comfort zone, but when you realise that what they are praying is less the service you deliver then you look for an option of creating your own busness.
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Yiu should be careful and prayerful when you're looking for employment. Be careful so that you don't end up in an employment where you are overworked and underpaid. Price your talent high because it's how you showcase your talent that you would be rated.
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Do I need to be vigilant while looking for a Job yes why!

As you're looking for a Jobs,put on your imaginative heart, and don't ovepride in that qualification, remember employers are interested in your great minds and how you see your self fit in that future.

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