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Our expectation is high as far as this project is concerned. I am confident that it will not fall shot. Whatever any body says now still remains a guess. Soon, everything shall be revealed.
added by 1000851268 48 days ago 4    1

Who can guess how much is a likquid token now?

It seems like to be a stable coin, and now what do you expect when we start to trade in bonds, precious metals, Fractional Ownership Rights, stocks, and goes live to public exchange will it remains the same?

How do you vote?

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No it will not remain the same because when the demand raise even there must an increament of the coin, and there must be an added value.
added by Anonymous 48 days ago 5    0

Definently no it can not remain the same value because its userbility will have increased and expanded hence adding value and also creating room for stability
added by 1001099055 48 days ago 5    0