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I have not heard of this exercise. Indeed I need to know whether it is done with machine or manually. The problem of lower back pain is increasing among males and females and I have two serious cases in hand. Can you throw more light?
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I know a lot about the excercise. It works wonders for me, especially after child birth. I recommend ladies should read more about it. They need this,they need this*
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Kengel exercise?
Actually i need a lecture about this exercise because i have never had it before is done by machines or individual work out.
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kengel excercises can eliminate lower back pain

some people have a history of an accident, that is to say either road traffic accident or motor cycle accident. these people later begin to suddenly experience low back ache. some even to appoint of not walking , some even begin to pass flatus uncontrollable . its very important for one to do ken-gel exercises at least 6 times in a day .
this exercises help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor

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