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I can agree with you but not all women. Ladies hearts are soft that's why Satan find it easy to use them in bad characters.
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I think that God knew the weakness of Man and that was why He gave him Eve to try his resistance. Man failed at the Garden of Eden. And God said at a point that He regretted making MAN not woman. So, how do you think that women will not enter heave?
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To my opinion, ladies may never enter heaven for the following reasons.

To my opinion, ladies may never enter heaven for the following reasons.
1. Eve is the first woman to Asher in the devil. I am not sure and safe to have them again in there
2. Ladies are a source of temptation to men as nowdays they walk half naked. I wouldn't love such a situation to exist in heaven.
3. In heaven there will be no marriage, so for the safety of man let our beautiful ladies remain on Earth as they are so cuning in tricking men.

Therefore let the ladies provide us with some peace in Heaven through their absence in there!

How do you vote?

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People we see here as thieves,killers,liers, fornicators etc will surprise us in heaven. They will be enjoying there in golden life, because they repented before dieing. So likewise, women are gonna fill heaven with big numbers if they repent before breathing their last oxygen.
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Remember holly marry is a woman and i think she is already in heaven with her son. Second of all behind a successful man there must be a woman so how do you expect to be successors of heaven without women.
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God wanted to see men's strongness bu he was dissapointed to see that he end up loosing everything, but if He axcepted to loose the wife to go to hell and save his soul.
For we ldies we are caring and kind we dont want to see men sturving but we dont force them they have a right to denie.
And even God tol us to love, care to our neighbours as we love our selves.
Therefore ladies deserve the first seats in heaven than men.
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Those reasons can't make ladies fail to go to heaven because when a man is attempted, why doesn't he control himself than following into temptation. When a lady comes as a temptation and amn doesn't fall into it, then woman remains clean.
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