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It is the norm than upon engagement or marriage it is the men who will buy diamonds for their loved ones. Hence, men need LIQY more than women as the most diamonds buyers are men.
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Those two - the LIQY and the DIAMOND - are precious to both men and women because they represent money. Whatever I say now is a guess until the platform already put in place for their use begins to function.
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One of thing they have in common is that their prices always increase because of their value. And everyone would like to have one of the two.

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What will be the true value of LIQY?

Diamond is a women’s best friend. And LIQY is a man’s best friend. However, what does LIQY and diamond have in common?
I feel that it would not be long before 1 LIQY Coin equates to 1 Caret of diamond once the platform is fully blown.

How do you vote?

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