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I was one of the people who endeavoured times without number with IDNOW until I succeeded to get verified. When I see how easily people verify now with SafeIndent, I am happy. It can only be the Power of We.
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Safe ident is indeed a life Savior. Who would imagine that verification can be so quick, swift and smoothie. Taking just two minutes!!!! Unbelievable
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Really we appriciate your service because you paved the way for everyone to verify because pasports had become stunk to many while hindering their breakthrough.
added by Anonymous 44 days ago 6    0

SelfIdent, very awesome service from SafeZone !

Yes , truly this new services added to our SafeZone is very awesome and bring huge advantage to all our Unicorn Network members .
The process of KYC become more easier to undergo for all the applicants .
More and more National ID's from different countries are now acceptable and the numbers are increasing .
Thank you , SelfIdent Team & Admin !

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