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Even if this scenario becomes real, many people will not buy the cond or have anything to do with it. I have heard people call cryptocurrencies all sorts of names such as, invisible money, computer money, flying money that never lands. Some even say it is of the devil.
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Yes but some people don't welcome opportunities because of fear which led them to remain poor and others fear to start
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Yes it can be,
But some of us we miss use the oppotunities that had come our way and later we regret after seeing those who were together with us.
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A few people who can willingly take risk to invest are definitely going to be rich. But many others still won't accept in digital currency,they regard it as fake so they will stay behind forever
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Can everyone have equal opportunity to be rich?

Imagine that the world has 8 billion people. And there is a global digital coin reserved for everyone to buy and sell at a handsome value after a certain holding time. The owner can then be allowed to buy back his coin and sell again in future to profit again. Will this be the crazy solution to the true value and stability of a digital coin that will ensure that the digital economy runs perfectly?

How do you vote?

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