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The world is getting closer, everyday to the period of the manifestation of the kingdom of God. We can see what the earth given to us has turned to. Wickedness in the highest proportion had become the order of the day. The earth is groaning under the weight of sin.
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Exactly, our father in heaven is the creator of human and has responsibility to look after people and solve all their problems if he says yes, no body can say no including Satan
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Infact it is the only option we have because problems are over our understanding, evil is leading the world we human we have no control but the kingdom csn finish them in a second.
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Only the Kingdom of God, led by Christ, will eliminate human problems.

For many years, people have struggled unsuccessfully against poverty,injustice, and violence.They try to create political organizations to solve the world's problems.But, as history shows, the real world is unattainable, evil is becoming more and more.It is the Bible that says that humanity is going the wrong way, relying on its own strength.Soon the established Kingdom of God, led by Christ, will begin to work.This is a government that will eliminate war,poverty, and evil forever.In Daniel 2: 44:In the days of those kingdoms, the God of heaven will raise up his kingdom (the government of heaven), which will destroy all the kingdoms of the earth,and itself will stand forever."Right now we are approaching this apogee.

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