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Jesus Christ is a son of God and who ever believes in him shall not die and will see the father in Heaven because he is the way ,truth and life.
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Yes christ is not God, but he is a son of the living God, those who mislead their fellows are wrong, jesus sai one will got my father unless he passed through me, if He was God He would said am your God.
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Christ is the son of God,but not God Almighty

Proponents of the Trinity claim that Christ is God or equal to the Father.But if you read the Bible carefully, there are many verses that refute this teaching."My teaching is not mine, but that of him who sent me."My father is bigger than me."Christ was raised up by God. "My father is still working"And many other places where it is explicitly stated that Christ is the son and subject to the Father.It is not clear what the doctrine of the Trinity was based on.To whom did Christ pray?To himself?Stupidity.And the voice from the sky from whom was it?All this confirms the falsity of the Trinity.In general, this teaching was adopted at the Council of Nicaea by the Emperor Constantine,who was himself a pagan,and he needed Christianity for political purposes.Many bishops were against this teaching, but they were afraid of the emperor.The pagans were close to the worship of the triads of the gods, and therefore the doctrine of the Trinity became popular among the pagans.

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There is nothing in the Word of God that I see as being stupid. Any one is free to believe what he or she wants to believe. Jesus in one of the Trinity and the Trinity is God. I believe it.
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Christ Jesus is God. He is part Of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. It's what the Bible says.
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