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It is marvellous. Bridge is taking so long because of the many babies it is preparing to carry. Not leaving any stone unturned or leaving anyone unblessed.
We must remember that Rome was not built in a day. Lasting projects do not just come from the road side but must dig deep to have a solid foundation to avoid crashing in the near future.
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The fruit of taking part in the Bridge coin reservation is on the way. It is going according the pace of the people who are behind it. We cannot move faster than them. Let us have patience.
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Let it take long as we are waiting for yem to increase more and more. Dear friends don't be in hurry for bridge coin, let's keep yem for some 5 yrs
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I heard that early February many YEM holders placed in their booking into the exchanger or call it bridge coin. But until today,I have not heard any jubilations yet. However most people believe after seeing especially here in Africa.

How do you vote?

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It is not talking long,
Unless people who usually need paper money the cards are on the way in that we can start jubilating, but as you know patience is also a key to success.
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