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Ask the successful men about their story,they will tell you how they failed many times before reaching the success you see.
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Yes it is true,
Because we just work hand in hand to live a successful life through hardships but your determination matters alot ounc fail that means you will never be successful at all.
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Totally agreed!
Some persons always want to give up after the first difficulty they meet. They have to read this again and again. Behind every success is hiding a great number of failures and restarts.
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Success is the ability to go failure after failure without weary.

The path to success is full of thorns, rocks, falls and so many big difficulties. The real success is to always get up after every fall, learn about it and continue heading to your objective.
Failure is giving up, and that is not an option.

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Success can come to a person at the first shot. It is when failure happens repeatedly that people begin to think that a person must fail before he can make it. I disagree. I have seen people who made it at the first shot.
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