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Yes, to educate achild is the best option you achild and succed in future. Geving ather things sam times are not helping let it comes has asuplyz to he or she. You can geve
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I see education as the stepping stone to many other things. When I talk of education, I mean both formal and informal. Both are very essential in bringing up a child in a wholesome way.
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Realy education is the key to success but brothers and sisters remember that education without technology can't lead you to the promised land think about whére one goes to school and start learning about who was the first muganda yet others go to schooaaal to learn about bloch chain technology at the end of the day who will benefit.
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It is said that education is key to success. And ignorance is expensive. I agree that education is one way to prepare a child alongside other values like discipline, religion.
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Education is the best way to life. With education, one can be able to learn many things in life and even learn how to behave in society. There is formal and informal education. Informal is mainly carried out at home or even within the community while formal is carried out in school. These two have to be merged to create success in life.
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Yes it can be, but when you are bringing up your child it would have been better to teach him all activities in that when the proffesion fail to lift himup he or she can used his brain to pu thing by his hands to see that he can live a successful life.
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Education is the best way to success in life

When you educate a child,it's the best thing that assures a bright future for him or her. However you need to choose a good foundation for the child, regarding kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary institution for their studies.

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