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Jesus is the Son of God. He is the Way, the Truth and Life. Nobody cones to the Father except by Him. He said in the Bible, "I and my Father are one." Therefore, it is not possible to separate them. Jesus is the Word that was made flesh and lived among us in human form. HE IS GOD.
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Yes it is true because He told us no one will come to my father except through me, jesus is way of life in all measures.
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Amen. Jesus is the only way to the Father. We have to pass through him to go to the Father. As He says, no one goes to the Father, except by Him.
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Yes Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life who ever believes in him shall not die and will see the father.
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True whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, shall have an evalasting life and for so loved the earth thats why He gave us his only begotten son
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Whoever believes in him lives a hapy life and shall prosper remmbr he is the source of wisdom and he gives protection to his children
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Jesus is the only way to the father through faith and living his ways

Brothers and sisters in life you need to know this God who created heaven and earth loves you so so much to the extent of giving his only son to die for us. If you don't have Jesus in your life, get him now before it is not too late.
It is very simple to get him you believe with you heart and you speak it out with your mouth to receive him in your life amen

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