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I can't even imagine a day without music and what about a world without music it's really unimaginable because music brings people together 100% in bars in places of worship in parties
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Can you, for instance, imagine a church where there is no singing and dancing; where there are no praise and worship? Such a church is dead.
Music is the food of love. A world without music cannot be imagined.
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Life with out music it would have been aboring state because theres away music comforts someone and you feel like you dont need any ones to interupt you.
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Imagine a world without music!!! Music soothes the mind. The lyrics in a song some contain some teachings. There is a lot of learning and sharing in music. So without music, the world would be so boring.
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It would be a boring life if there was no music in the world. Imagine every where you go including churches there's music.
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A world without music! Imagine a life without music!

How would people in the entire world without music.
Everyone has got his or her favorite songs that he or she always listens to and enjoy all the vibes.
So let’s embrace all the artists/ musicians all around the world.
Comment down below if you agree with me.!

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I think it's more to what people are exposed/used to.
If music wasn't there, we would probably have something else to consume our attention.

Let's enjoy it but avoid getting addicted to it.
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