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In life if you fail to change, then life will force you to change whether you like it or not, but some times we tend to forget that everything has its own time and we keep on waiting.
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There was a friend of mine who wondered aloud why young people
were deceiving themselves into thinking that money is in the air and invisible. All she believed in was fiat money. "Any money that is not in a bank is deception," she used to say. Today, she is singing a different tune.
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Eeeeh talk about it now they will be calling us Prophets, Billionaires in few months to come because yem is better than Gold .
Thank you Safezone.
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They used to call us day dreamers.

In the beginning when some people heard of crypto currency ,they said that that was day dreaming and nothing would change. But as time goes on things are now changing and the same people are now starting to ask for invitation codes.
Technology has power and it can't be opposed.

How do you vote?

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