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Churches were built by people with their intentions, prophets and saints were great men of God but were not attached to any churches. To my understanding, churches are businesses
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All these servant of God had churches because a CHURCH is made up of people who gather together to worship the Almighty but what they did not have was permanent building or shelters but they had them and they didd agreat job of preaching the gosple.
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It's TRUE before the saints of God never had churches but they did miracles worshipped God ruth all their hearts healed the sick. Like saul and peter
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Yes, because a church is just a place and you can praise and worship God in any places like under trees, homes, etc
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The saints and prophets ib the Bible had no churches but served GOD.

In the Bible we read about so many great men who served GOD with all their hearts, but they never built their personal churches. They heald the sick, they spread the gospel through nations and so many miracles
But today who ever thinks of serving God he opens up a church and he starts charging people for the miracles he offers. And on top of that every thing to be done he asks the followers to contribute. In simple terms today if your pockets are empty the church is not a conducive place for you.

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In those days there were gatherings in people's houses and they were called churches. Bigger gatherings were in the temple. We read of the church in Antioch, Philadelphia, etc. They raised money among themselves for the need of the church esp. the poor. However, many churches have become money making ventures for their owners, The gullible are smooth-talked into parting with their cash. It's very unfortunate!
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