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When it comes to money, no one will come out with a correct calculation and figure it out because its out of their control.
Unless or otherwise they change money from paper to digital there they can manage but if not that they should save their energy and do other things.
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For real its huge. Coz many people die and of different cases. Even those who dig holes under there houses and they let no one to know about it.
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How much cash do you think gets lost every single day?

I know it is the central bank responsible for the money circulating in a given country. But i don't know whether Central banks can make a clear estimation of that money which gets out of circulation because of the following reasons.
In water accidents people drown with cash.
It's hard to imagine how much Cash cherish in fire accidents.
Can you imagine people hide money , in case they die no one can recover this money.

How do you vote?

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