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The truth is that God did good to hide our heart and decides the situations to reveal to us those we call our own friends. Nothing hurts when you have been with someone knowing that is part of you yet it was in pretence.

People become friends because they can get something from you but if you collapse is where you are going to know those you used to call friends.
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The situation reveals real people in you.
If you get a problem many of those you take to be your people will run away from you but thodmse who stand with you in that situation are your real people
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Real situations reveal real people in your life.

It is only when you find yourself in real situations that your true friends will be revealed to you.
There are friends who are with you because of what they can get from you.
But there are real friends who can be with you through thick and thin. They accept you for who you are not what they can gain from you. They are prepared to cushion your fall if need be.
Pray that God will send such valuable friends to your life. They are worth more than rubbies.

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