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Am very scared because in Uganda with God who know our tomorrow whether we should live or die but the bad thing people and their mind set is full love to all worldly treasures and they think there the one who created them not knowing that theres the owner who knows what is coming tomorrow.
People lost humanity in all ways of life they are bitter than cloroquine.

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It's TRUE because soo many people have been arrested with no reason because of political issues . Many have lost lives and left innocent souls in pain.
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Politics has led to violation of human rights in uganda.

So many ugandans are arrested because of their political sides. Many are kept by sucurity organs without bringing them to courts of law as the Constitution states. Others no one knows where they are but the authorities haven't come in to do their work as they claim that their duty is to protect ugandans. But it's wrong to mistreat one another because of your political differences.

How do you vote?

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