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Thats why am trying my best to train my children how to depend on their own, not to depend on anyone because we all have defferent thinking capacity and own defferent ambitions.
You want to succed in life but you ask someone who has no hope of succeding to decide for you really.
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I used to have difficulties in making descission til when I consulted a friend of my fir several times and she told me to sit en do my own descission rather than disturbing her.
For real life doesn't need to wait to much to make decisions
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life is all about decision making what are you waiting for ?

i had my friend, making decision was very had for him he always wandered, and it could become hard for him to make even the simplest decision. always consulting from people for approval. always wanting to appear the good one in the eye of people.
the true of the fact is he always lagged behind. can you imagine even getting a woman they could chose for him. the fact is making decisions is some times the worse thing to do and some time its the opposite and i don't care how many times i make miss takes so long as i make them i will always have some sense of confidence

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