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For sure if you fail to understand why you were created, and you allow others to understand for you with out seeing knowledge from God it means you will never be successful in life.
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Its good to know that everything belongs to God. Life without God is nothing. The more you understand that everything was created by God. Have faith and believe in Him. As the bible says woo to the man who walks in the path of the wickedness. And it continues to say the Fear God your Lord and worship Him with all your heart.
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Understanding The purpose of God for your life.

Understanding God's purpose for your life gives you invitation to divine blessings.
If you do not understand your purpose in life, you will go on deating about the bush seeking for breakthrough where there is none
It is necessary that you go to God in prayer and supplication to know why you are here and your purpose for being here and howyiu can achieve it. Mind you, a life without prayer to God is a life full of confusion and disappointnrnt. Pro or No!

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