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They are shy because of the poor financial status but everyone would wish to know his or her healthy status. Hospitals with quality services are expensive thats the only reason.
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Its becoz some Africans can't afford hospital bills all the time and in our government hospitals equipments and medicine are not there.
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Why do Africans shy away from medical check-ups?

It is common knowledge that many Africans hate to go through the routine medical checks. They stay in their comfort zones and wait until the fall sick. At that time, they cannot go to hospital by themselves but another has to take them. A little ailment that could be taken care of with medication or minor surgery would grow into a huge health issue because it was not discovered early enough. Why are we like this and when are we going to learn?
A check on a person's health is an examination of his true health condition.

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I think it's a myth,
Africans don't shy from medical check-up, but it's the information gap that exists,most Africans don't know much about check up since the medics have not taken an initiative to educate the Mass about its relevance,how Best thy can obtain and perhaps when to seek for the service
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