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Increased deposition of non biodegradable material around and in Kampala may precipitate flooding since capillarity and water filtration rate is low compared to water available.
Further more the drainage system in Kampala is poor and has not been projected towards disaster prevention
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Yeah because all wetlands have been turned to settlements. Bushes and trees are cut down air pollution is too much in Kampala. No trees. No swamps as it was in the lates
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That's because of poor government and poor plans to the country.
If it wa well planned,it would have been better and flood is not problem as Uganda was gifted by God all seasons which is good.
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Actually it is true because some people tend to think that kampala is like heaven, everyone must build in kampala, some sold their land in villages coming to to build in the wetlands of kampala and time is coming for them to have no option other than loosing on both sides.
The problem also supported by the government because of its laws which are not working, people doing things according to their will not thinking about the outcome or the environment.
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Kampala is at a risk of flooding.

Wetlands around Kampala have been turned into settlement areas and we see so many manufacturing factories being established in these areas. To make matters worse the remaining parts are becoming dumping sites for plastics and other wastes. This has left a very little space to accommodate the running water when it rains. Being it a rainy season we've experienced floods in some parts of Kampala when it heavily rains.

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