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Yes People we associate with determines our success therefore if you associate with negative minded people we shall always fail to prosper.
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It's TRUE to mind who you move with because if you move with thieves you too are taken to be a thief even if you aren't. If you move with developing people whatever they put on table is developmental. I think it's better to mind whom you move with. The saying goes tell me friend and I tell you who you are
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The power of association. Mind who you move together with.

For you to get to the top, you must mind who you associate with. You cannot be bigger than the company you keep.
A lot of people got to the top because of the company they kept. Who you follow determines what follows you. Spend more time with people you need rather that with people who need you. Any association that is not adding anything good to your life is subtracting from you.
Who is your friend? Remember that
Iron sharpens iron.

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