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What we know is that Jesus resurrected on easter sunday but the dates and time arent mentioned , however i guess, the religions have their calender they follow to jubilate such days
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I would say on this that Pentecost 33CE is closer to the day that he actually rose or was taken away to France. Mary Magdalen certainly knows what happened to Jesus. The rising or missing body means he definitely took a journey. Was he dead or was he alive is the question. The romans certainly guarded the body but since Jesus wasn't a high priority kill, which is in the record that means Jesus' body could be taken by his people at anytime. Pilot didn't really respect the Jews so he wouldn't be particularly concerned if Jesus had actually died. So Jesus most certainly could have been taken or been mistaken for someone else and they took the burden. You have to understand the setting and the time period of the events. I know the biblical story can sound sensational but did things really occur the way they were explained?
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The exact day of Jesus birth death and resurrection isn't relevant, what really matters is that Jesus died for us, to save us from sin and shame
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Quiero decir algo que contradice un poco esta postura de que si fue domingo o lunes la rresurreccion del Cristo de la gloria, ya que el calendario con el cual estamos fechando actualmente no existia en el tiempo de nuestro Señor este es el calendario gregoriano ya que lo invento un papa llamado Gregorio y la forma en que se fechaba cuando lo de Cristo especificamente en israel era asi, dia primero dia segundo, y asi hasta llegar al dia sexto despues el septimo dia, de reposo no sabado si no dia septimo y eso cambia la interpretacion com el calendario actual
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The long debate: When exactly was Easter.

Jesus Christ arose on Easter Sunday. No. It was on Easter Monday. This has been argued for ages. Does it really matter when Jesus Christ resurrectedt? What matters is that He conquered death and the grave and liberated mankind from the bondage of sin. Nobody else ever did that before or after.
Jesus alone remains the King of other Kings and the Lord of other Lords. The only one the whole world expects his return. Hallelujah!!
Happy Easter to all on this platform.

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