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Are You in favor that LAM profit should be LIQ token?

We're all assumed from the start yes,we paid in Fiat currency as expected today, but why for the next profit distribution change to LIQ token?
This things must be first cleared from the start because, it brings another problem in liquidation.If there will be an options for everybody to received in Fiat as instant conversion well that will be fair.

Please let this issue be clear and help us to learn why changing the Plan thanks.

How do you vote?

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This is not good to have too much bridge company to do YEM management.i am getting confused right now.
added by Anonymous 11 days ago 7    0

do not easily change what has been mutually agreed, LAM payment in USD is not with LIQ. while LIQ we can buy at any time.

Thank you
added by Anonymous 11 days ago 7    0

I still insist for Fiat Currency than LIQ token for our monthly ROI . I just hope DG will stick to the first arrangement for Fiat currency dividends for our LAM .
added by Anonymous 11 days ago 10    0