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I totally agree having peace is priceless in that not even money can buy one peace and in the same way, one can not enjoy their money when they don't have peace. So peace is very fundamental.
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I agree,
Some people we live life in such poor state yet we are happy knowing that slowly by slowly we will shoot our dreams with determination but those people we call reach having things we admire they dieing of loans, some holds satanic wealth where by they pay their duties tonight.
Therefore we should always be determined with the little until we reach our determination with out restrictions.
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A peaceful poor is better than a sleepless rich.

We all work hard to be wealthy but it's far better to have little when it is all yours than being rich when you have sleepless nights and living in luxuries but going through hard times. Life is useless when it is full of mysteries. Remember life is short we just have to enjoy it.

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