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Absolutely Wright
If we all know that the world would have been a better place
People keep on fighting each other for no good reason and this the main reason why God is not among us
The world is mysterious because our behaviours are terrifying
We should learn to cherish one another
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I agree,
In life we all need to have and excercise our rights in all ways of life but it hurts if someone tries to miss use our rights.
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Human rights is for every one .

No one deserves to be violated and mistreated no matter their gender , region or tribe or religion. The way you want to be treated is the way you should treat others. We are all brothers and sisters and we should enjoy this world equally. So lets not take advantage to others because of our positions and the power we have. It's better to live in a peaceful environment.

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Los derechos humanos son para los humanos derechos. Por ejemplo, acá en Latinoamérica, los violadores, asesinos y corruptos, no son juzgados por la ley como de debiera respecto a sus crímenes por la mala y penosa interpretación de los derechos humanos. Sin embargo, si ud intenta defenderse de un crimen ahi si tratan al delincuente como el más puro de los santos.
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