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Changing from one state to another requires pure mindset and starts exactly within the minds and then progresses to actions. It needs we become digital in minds and then we move smoothly.
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The future of cryptocurrencies is so bright and now for those who have invest Ed have a big chance of being millionaires. I wish.
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Actually the moment you fail to change in time, automatically the change will change you whether you like it or not
Therefore we should always ambrace change.
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It's because some people resist change. They don't believe that anywhere else can be better than where they are. They are rooted in their analogue system and happy too.
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Changing from analog to digital , we need digital minds.

This fourth industrial revolution digital is dominating every thing. We've seen so many things changing from analog to digital and there is no doubt digital is the future which i see it's today. But it is a shaming to see some people feeling comfortable with their analog minds.they dont want to transform but the future will change them but it will be too late for them .

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