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I also have that pain in my heart because I also want Fiat currency and not any thing like tokens so it's better to keep their promise.
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We just need to cancel this LAM program immediately but we are denied this chance coz we are just losing our YEM for small peanuts. We need to cancel before it's to late
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I think this the best opportunity because dollars are recognized in all corners of the world
For me I have no complaints and am glad for this idea
The business is much simplified
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Who is in favor of LAM's getting paid in dollars?

I'm honestly upset.For so many years of waiting to receive tokens.I am not a trader, I have no experience in trading.And in my country, dealing with cryptocurrency has great difficulties.An unpleasant surprise for all of us who made a deposit.If you made a promise, then let them fulfill it.Otherwise, I will withdraw my deposit.

How do you vote?

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Its a no for me,
According to what i have seen people are shading tears inside their hearts while saying had i known i would'nt have put my yem there, right now no one is in LAM'S favour at this time. Only regrets.
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