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Jesus is the answer, believe in him and do what's right by him for he will do the rest for you. You will not regret standing by him.
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True though am a Moslem
Religion is very important in our daily lives because it guides us on how to pass through this challenging world
When u have religion in you world becomes a better place ,no stress and less worries because you expect the best in life after death
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Actually jesus is the way of life because He told us no one will go to His Father unless through Him, therefore He owns our everything we need in life.
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When you find Jesus just hold Him and don't let Him go

True when you find Jesus just hold Him and don't let Him go because when you leave Him and do things which are not allowed in His presence you will find yourself destroyed so believe Him in whatever you are doing I will find yourself getting there.

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The problem with this is that the statement takes us away from reality. Perhaps a better way to make this statement is to say, "When you find the teachings of Jesus and see that it is good, hold on to it." We know no one today who will actually find and see a physical Jesus. However; the teachings of Jesus principals is what outlasts stars and galaxies.
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