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Well said
It's the best advise indeed because a business can collapse while the people your gave hand can stand with you in all situations
People are considered as number one capital
People can be your protection
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For sure if you want to succeed in busness for sure it better to teach your people arround you on how to handle the busness in all ways in that they deliver the service with love while knowing that anytime he or she when she gets the ability she will start hers and there you will recieve your blessing from the Almighty.
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Do not build a business instead, build people.

You don't build a business, you build people and use the people to build your business. Make them consistent in what they do for you so they can learn to also build their own business in the future. Let consistency be the watch word. Let it go round and build a better business world. Teach others how to do business and help them to succeed as well. Their success is your success.

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