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Negative people can pull down anyone's spirits but the ideal thing to do is to stay focused and turn a deaf ear towards them
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Great words for great minds
We have to run away from negativity because whenever you keep people with negativity its gonna ruin your success because what you fed your brain is what it eats so we have to surround ourselves with positive thinkers those who believe in them selves and are ready to use any opportunity
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Actually the moment you accept people to control your self automatically they will reach an extent of deciding for you but it is of great importance to use your brain, remain confidencein and know what you want and detertne to overcome it. With out any onecs pressure work on your pase to have peace in mind.
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Negativity is like a magnet. When it is present it engages you from the molecules and compounds we are made of. How? Words and actions are some of the strongest vehicles of transferring energy vibrations that denote bad vibes, no pun intended. The best way to combat negative energy is to 1. Leave the presence of the bad vibrations. 2. Combat it offensively with kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love.
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It's only peace of mind that makes everything okay. When we’re in that state, everything just seems so much easier than negativity from people
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Don't allow negative people steal your inner peace.

They are always around you. They are negative energy dispensers. You know them by their words and by their actions. They want to steal your joy by opposing you at every point. They make mockery of your honest attempts and try to run you down.
Do not allow them steal your inner peace. Ignore their antics and move on. When your success comes, theywill be the first to congratulate you.

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