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Africa's future is indeed bright not because of the cities that are supposedly going to be built but because the level of innovations and inventions among the youth who are aspiring to liberate our continent. Remember, a great part of the African population are the youth and the era of the old men and women who glue themselves to biggest offices in our countries is coming to an end. So I believe this is a new dawn for Africa as a continent.
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El futuro del continente africano debe ser más brillante y hermoso, pero todo depende de la correcta administración de sus grandes recursos naturales por parte de los gobiernos de turno. Considero que la Unión Africana debe ser más exigente en cuanto al control de dichos gobiernos y poner en práctica la explotación de recursos de forma más sustentable, para el beneficio de todos sus habitantes.
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I agree, because crypto is already in Africa where by people are nolonger going to be controlled by others its time Africans to use their heads to control their funds there life will be good, and the future will be bright.
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Africa's future is brighter...

It's now clear that Akon is planning to build a beautiful city in Senegal and uganda , this is good news for Africa's progress because this is a stepping stone because so many beautiful cities will be built in Africa. We shall live in Paradise the coming years.

How do you vote?

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I did agree with you how can someone build a city here yet he hasn't built one he promised to his country sorry to say but it's a lie
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I diss agree with you due to the fact that cities are not the solution for Africans problems
The main cause of backwardness in Africa are the greedy governments leadership
These dictators only think about their families and stomachs hence leaving others starving
The building of cities is nonsense if the leaders are not willing to share the little things with others
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It's good to have wishful thinking looking at the projects Akon will embark on. He is a great and wonderful man. But there's one problem. What we call in Africa, 419 or Sakawah continues at the highest of levels in Africa. Its too bad when presidents and ministers hire there family to do the duty of the people which often is not realized. Of course with the big heart of Akon he may go broke trying to fix a solution that has already been determined to fail. If he is not part of them it won't succeed. Paradise is a mental state and that is what Akon can bring to the cities. Hope! Yes Hope! But paradise, No. I love Akon though and he is certainly a good man.
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