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Thats the only indicator that Uganda has no one cares about it, they just care about them selves because every year each sector's situation worsens every hour but money was issued out every year.

But what is going on in uganda only God can tell.
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That's uganda where everything is expected and I think it's a deficit budget . The government think all Ugandans are chicken brained and that's why they do everything without minding about people's reaction. They are exposed . The world is watching and their time to stop fooling themselves is soon.
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What is the type of Uganda's national budget?

We learnt that there are three types of budget and these are.
Balanced budget
Deficit budget
Surplus budget
On reading the national budget the mimister doesnt tell us how much we earn ,how much we save he only talks on expenditure. National budgets increase every single year but the government never tried to reduce on its expenditures but increasing them. If we can't finance our national debts by now then when will we be able to finance them?

How do you vote?

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