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Its very true,
In life we admire many things and you jump from any where to get them, you have to start from zero, if its digging seasons for you to get capital, do that slowly you get there.

For those who jump into something they end up loosing there lives because they did not lay a foundation.
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Indeed: don't wait for tomorrow get up and start from where you are and with that little have .Nothing is for free we can all be billionaires if we start. Impossible is often untried let us use all the opportunities that come across.
We buy Yem time will tell. No time to waste no regrets.
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To walk a distance of a thousand miles you start with one step

Every thing has a beginning and when you think about some thing and don't begin it will be nothing. Dont fear to start with the little you have because every journey starts with a single step and you can't skip any you go on adding one by one until the journey is finished.

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