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I agree,
Because most of our people they dont want to know more, and even if you try to make them know they just say you want to steal them, corn them.
They try their best to see that they oppose you.
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May be Africans inherit ignorance they hear the thing for quite some good time but don't do any resesrch saying that they don't have time , they are busy gossiping at social media.
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Indeed ignorance is the main cause backwardness mostly in Africa. They even judge something they have idea about it. They hate studying and analyze before giving a word simply because they prefer their comfort zone than struggling for a brighter future. We better wakeup before it's too late .the rich careless because they get free portions from corruption and poor starve for their ignorance forgetting that the world is for self service what you ordered for is what you receive.
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Ignorance is a big disease in Africa

Ignorance is a big disease in African people. You introduce a project to them they say it's absolutely ascam , like the people I tell about crypto and they oppose it. But when everything is regalized it's expensive to get money out of it. It's better to grab the opportunity as early as possible.

How do you vote?

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