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Absolutely true; a successful person has no excuses , he uses what is available to succeed. If its only the government that keeps the people poor there wouldn't have been any rich person except the government workers.
What you feed your minds is what it feeds on . I you set your minds believing that all your family are poor it follows you .You have to be different and do different things to look different on the society. They say if your dreams are too small to scare you then you have nothing to led you to your success.
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True your mindset it is the one dat make you rich or poor because what you put in the head is what you do, you may be three people and every one is given one million all of these people mind cannot be of the same thinking
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Here i agree,
Some people tend to blame the government that its the reason why they are poor, forgeting that you you have to use your brain to use the resources arrond you to get products and the government helps you to get market for you to earn a living.

But most of them spend most of their time playing cards, beting, smoking and alcohol at the end they blame the government.
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It's the mindset that makes you who you are.

We are all led by our mindsets and they make us who we are today. You may earn the same amount of money when you are three but each one spends it differently.
Some of us put it in their minds that their poverty is brought by the government and they dont make any strategy to get rich until the government changes.
When you put it in your mind that even if the situation is bad you have to make it you struggle until you make it. So its better to have a positive mindset.

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