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The bank of Uganda already announced that very soon they are issuing the first digital currency for digital transactions.
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Uganda will be having it's own crypto currency soon.

The central bank,bank of uganda declared recently that the economy of uganda will be cashless by 2022.
This means that there is only one way to make transactions. This is with a digital form of money. It's speculated that they might design a digital coin for uganda or one joint currency for the east african community.

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On several occasions, government officials have denied knowledge of cryptocurrencies inspite of the fact that most government officials have wallets stuffed with out-of-this-world coins of various cryptos. It is also believed that the misinformation about cryptos in Uganda is attributed to the "government policy" where we even witnessed scams that are rumored to be aided by senior government officials. This is a deliberate move to keep most Ugandans poor while those from the western part of the country benefit from this lucrative venture since it is even broadcast live on their local stations encouraging natives from the west to embrace the technology. With that view, I don't see Bank of Uganda under the government introducing a digital currency anytime soon; if they do, then it is intended to fleece the population of their little remains.
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