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Indeed: we should learn to grab opportunities immediately for easy success. Opportunity grabbers have no fear in them because fear is one the factors of failure.
An opportunity grabber has no regrets his smart and confident. If the opportunity succeeds he praise God and when it fails they learn from it and count it as a mistake.

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There is only one better way to quit or divorce from poverty: grab the opportunity.

There is only one better way to quit or divorce from poverty. It is to seize the opportunity.
The opportunity is an angel of God or the spirit of God or God Himself who presents himself to whomever he wants to positively change his life.
It (the opportunity) can present itself to someone in human, material, or divinity form.
In human form: it is someone or a friendly acquaintance who offers you an excellent idea, a job or a project likely to trigger the change of social status: from zero to access financial abundance.
In material form: you unexpectedly come across something (a precious stone, a deposit, ...) which will be the source of happiness.
Divinity: a spirit that comes in physical form.
Whatever form the opportunity presents itself to you, you must take it without thinking and impose your will on it. Especially don't let go until she realizes your will. Even if it must hurt you, leaving you hurt, don't let go of this spirit if it hasn't blessed you yet.
A poor man, a beggar did, however, and he won his case: Jacob in the Bible wrestled with an angel of God. He expressed his will to him: “If you do not bless me, I will not let you go.” (Genesis 32: 25-29). King Hezekiah said to God: “Lord, I do not want to die in this disease. I refuse to die." And God increased him over 15 years of life. 2 Kings 20: 1 - 11

Let us seize the opportunity and impose our will on it.

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