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I agree,
In life we humans our nature confuses the Almighty because we live life of pretence. People love us whole heartedly yet in actual sense we dont love them, they sacrifice alot to us but we dont appriciate.
Thats why, when God sees that, decides to take that person not see the Dissappointments from those he used to call His people
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Indeed God never makes mistakes His always perfect in whatever he does. Even in our daily lives you can ask God for something and He answer you in the way you didn't want but you find out that His decision was the best after sometime. In this we should always be thankful for everything that comes our way God knows why and He will guide you throughout the journey of your life if you decide to include Him as first priority in your life.
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When you have a close friend,a loved one,you pray for their long peaceful life. But sometimes God may allow it that they leave this life before you expected.
There's a saying that: GOOD PEOPLE DIE EARLY"
God may see that this good person is going to suffer a tragedy,a dissapointment,a betrayal or a calamity of serious nature then God calls the person early so as not to suffer. I used to mourn a lot for my deceased before I understood this secret.No one wants to lose a loved one though,but again we don't want to see a good person suffering. So God may answer us in a painful way sometimes.

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